International Noise Awareness Day

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

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The International Noise Awareness Day (INAD) aims at raising awareness of noise on the welfare and health of people worldwide. It was founded in 1996 by the Center of Hearing and Communication (CHC), and since then the day is commemorated on a Wednesday in April each year.

The European Acoustics Association (EAA) participates in the celebration every year by a series of events addressed to the whole society, with special emphasis to young people who are among the most sensitive persons of our society. These events have been organized so far typically by the EAA Member Societies. For to 2017, the EAA decided to coordinate a wider campaign in order to raise the interest of the European citizens towards noise and its effects on the quality of life and health (the INAD 2017). EAA will collaborate with the European Commission (in particular the DG-Environment) and the European Environment Agency for promoting and coordinating specialized activities during this year, among the EAA members Societies, and the European and national authorities, the noise associations, the schools, museums, etc. in order that a wider public will receive the most accurate and scientifically correct information on noise effects.

The aim of this web-page is to collect and disseminate all the information on the activities coordinated by EAA and organized either centrally by EAA or by the member Societies and other related organizations.

Program Movie About noise

Program of the 2017 edition

April 15

Sounds of my place (Pan-European competition for primary and secondary schools)

Competition open to students of all schools of European Countries aiming at raising awareness on sounds and noise characterizing landscapes and soundscapes all along Europe. These sounds are either the everyday sounds that surround us and make up the background noise in our lives, or the peculiar sounds of some places that must be known and preserved.
More details are reported in the regulation file.
Here is the list of the national representatives.

April 24

Conference "Noise in Europe", Brussels, Belgium

At the conference, the World Health Organisation will present the latest scientific evidence of the health effects of noise. Representatives from Member States, public authorities, scientists as well as associations and organisations interested in environmental noise, will have the opportunity to discuss policy options to ensure we strike the right balance between the transport we all depend on, and the healthy lives we want.
More details can be found on the conference website.

International Noise Awareness Day around the world

Have a look at the events organized in your country:

Croatia : lectures in Croatian high schools about noise problems are scheduled on April the 26th as well as a round-table discussion at the University of Zagreb. Discussions about noise on national radio and television are planned for the INAD 2017 day. Finally, you can find a translation of the INAD student competition document here.
Greece : presentations of the noise issue are organized in primary and high schools on Wednesday, April the 26th by teachers or members of the Hellenic Institute of Acoustics.
2 audio-only games will be available to students to demonstrate the effect of noise in every day life and to familiarize one-self with different noise forms and characteristics.
A short video spot will be delivered to national and local TVs and a press release will be distributed to the local and national press for the INAD 2017 day.
Hungary : A discussion is planned at Corvinus University (Budapest) on April the 26th. The advertisement of the INAD student competition document is also available here.
Italy : details of all activities related to INAD 2017 are summarized here.
• Netherlands: a free advisory day is organized on Wednesday, April the 26th for Dutch residents with noise issues.
Portugal : Acoustic laboratory members are encourage to visit secondary schools on Wednesday, April the 26th to discuss the noise issue.
Spain : details of all activities related to INAD 2017 are summarized in Spanish and English. These activities include, for primary school children the diffusion of the comic "Silín y Ruidón" in printed, audiovisual narrated and narrated with subtitles for hearing impaired children as well as the video-game "Silín y Ruidón"
Turkey : A discussion is planned at Istanbul Technical University on April the 26th. The advertisement of the INAD student competition document is also available here.
U.S.A. : On its website, the Center of Hearing and Communication lists the INAD participants, past and present of national or local events.

Movie: In pursuit of silence

Check the theatre dates of the movie sponsored by the European Acoustic Association (EAA) on its dedicated website.

This 1h21 minutes film is a call for more silence, stressing out the importance of living in a world where noise is considered as an unwanted effect.