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New EAA INDEX 2003.gif 2012 Issue of EAA INDEX is accessible in the internal area

The EAA Index is intended to collect most useful information for all Societies members and all the community of European acoustics.

The EAA Index is available for use by the Member Societies of EAA and their individual or affiliated members. Of course, this publication is intended for personal use only, and no commercial use of its contents is allowed in any case.

In particular, the use of EAA Index, even partially, to provide a mailing list for advertisement or other commercial purposes, is strictly prohibited. In the EAA Index, the basic data provided by all member Societies will be completed along with other useful information related to acoustics.

The following six different subjects are the content of the EAA Index:

  1. General information concerning each Society. This information includes basically the name and acronyms, postal address, phone, fax, Web and email addresses of the Society, and the names and complete addresses of the president, Secretary and Treasurer.
  2. Profile of the Society. This information refers to a short account (about 500 word length) on the history, objectives, activities, courses, meetings and congresses organization, or other relevant information concerning to the 'profile' of each Society.
  3. Individual Membership Directory. The professional data of all individual members of each Society is collected here, including name, institution, postal address, email address, main field of interest, etc.
  4. Directory of Sustaining Members, Institutions or Companies. This directory will give the most relevant data on the name, address and activity field of such sustaining members.
  5. Activity of sustaining Members, Institutions or Companies. A brief information on the activity of such institutions will be collected here, in form of a short text regarding the most relevant aspects or data concerning each case.
  6. Society logo. The corresponding Society logo will be also reproduced in the Index to complete all the above information.

It should be noticed that in EAA there are presently 29 member Societies working under quite different organization schemes and national legislation concerning personal dasta handling.

In any case, we are convinced that EAA INDEX will not only contribute in developing closer relationship and mutual knowledge among all EAA Societies, but also between all individual or collective members of European acoustics community.