INAD 2017 – Design & Motto Competition

INAD 2017 – Design & Motto Competition


The EAA has taken an initiative to promote the idea of a silent environment throughout Europe on the occasion of the celebration of the International Noise Awareness Day 2017 (Wednesday April 26th 2017). The idea is to invite the European Commission to share with us several events to be coordinated by EAA and the National Societies. The EAA board is already in touch with the officers of the EC DG Environment preparing a detailed proposal on potential activities and mutual collaboration in this respect. These activities include the development of material to promote the INAD among the youth, the organization of specialized workshops and seminars and parallel cultural activities in collaboration with museums and other cultural organizations. It is very important that the National Societies (NSs) play an active role in this initiative as their help is vital in bringing the message of INAD to the whole Europe. The NSs may organize their own activities or help in the dissemination of the centrally organized (by EAA) activities in their countries. To facilitate and coordinate this mission, a committee will be formed consisting of contact persons from all the Societies (national Coordinators) which will undertake the task of disseminating the events of INAD in their countries and inform the EAA Organizing Committee for INAD 2017 on possible events organized by them. The EAA Organizing Committee for INAD 2017 consists of Antonio Perez Lopez, Sergio Luzzi, Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp and Michael Taroudakis for all related matters. More news on INAD 2017 will be available in the next (September) issue of our Newsletter.

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