Etude numérique de la propagation non linéaire des infrasons dans l’atmosphère

This thesis proposes a study of non linear infrasound propagation through the atmosphere by a time integration of compressible fluid mechanics equations using aeroacoustics algorithms. The survey is restricted to the case of infrasound emitted by high amplitude explosions. Existing literature is reviewed to identify influential physical phenomena and to detail a realistic atmosphere model compatible with direct numerical methods. Afterwards, the Navier-Stokes equations are formulated to take non-equilibrated vibrational relaxation effects into account. Acoustic absorption and effects of high-scale atmospheric in homogeneities are then discussed on the basis of analytical developments. Subsequently, the optimized numerical methods implemented in the solver are introduced. Numerical stability and accuracy are analyzed, then the method is validated by series of simple configuration simulations and an adapted discretization is proposed to simulate non linear infrasound propagating in the atmosphere. The solver is validated in the configuration of a complex realistic atmosphere, first by a grid convergence method and second by confronting the results to those of other numerical approaches. The influence of acoustic absorption and non linear effects are then discussed by analyzing numerical results. General influence of winds is also introduced and specific phenomena, such as partially reflected waves or creeping waves, are evoked. Finally, simulations are compared with a full-scale experience and similarities between both kind results are underlined.


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Gaël Hanique Cockenpot