Resonance Conference (July 10-13 2023, ISAE-Supaéro, Toulouse, France)

This Resonace Conference aims to bring together researchers, scientists and industry professionals to provide a forum with the most recent advances in the fields of structure vibrations, structural health monitoring, and acoustics and the opportunity for interacting in a collegial atmosphere.
The event integrates the "Journées Jeunes Chercheurs/Chercheuses en Acoustique Vibrations et Bruit" (JJCAB) (Young Researchers Days in Vibration and Noise), the "Journées Industrie de la Société Française d'Acoustique" (JISFA) (Industry Days of the French Society of Acoustics), and the Colloquium "Surveillance, VIbrations, SHocks and Noise" (SurViShNo).

It will take place on the campus of ISAE Supaero Toulouse from July 10th to 13th, 2023.

You can find all the information here.


Key Dates

  • Event starts : Jul 10, 2023
  • Event ends : Jul 13, 2023