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Research Associate in Acoustic Metamaterials

Academic position

Applications are invited for a Research Associate joint between the Departments of Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College funded by the UKRI Physics of Life at the Interface. This project is in collaboration with the Animal behaviour and sensory biology group in the School of Biological Sciences at Bristol University. 

The project joins the expertise of a mathematical engineering group that has expertise in elastic and acoustic waves, and in designing metasurfaces, with a biosciences grouping that has identified the acoustic camouflage of moth wings with metasurfaces. 

The role provides an exciting opportunity for a mathematical modeller, physicist or engineer, to be involved in an exciting active area of physics (acoustic metamaterials) that is impacting upon industry and is relevant to the stealth defences of moths versus their bat predators. There is a clear biological application, and industrial motivation in terms of designing efficient, compact, soundproofing that requires physics, engineering and mathematics to understand the fundamental underlying science.

7/16/19 12:00 PM
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