PhD on Acoustic and Thermal Characterisation of Recycled Materials and Neomaterials (University of Brescia - Italy - and CTU Prague - Austria)

Application deadline: Sun 30 Apr 2023

This position fits in the framework of the ACTAREBUILD EU – DN – project, which provides research and training in retrofit of office building stock in Europe by means a new generation of sustainable materials and building components. The topic of this PhD focuses on the acoustic and thermal characterisation of recycled and/or reused materials to be used in the construction of optimized multi-layered partitions. The project will be carried out with the joint supervision of University of Brescia and CTU Prague in collaboration with Cauto social cooperative, Italy.

Candidate recycled and/or reused materials will be evaluated. The selected materials will therefore be categorised and experimentally characterised in terms of acoustic and thermal properties. In particular, sound reduction index, sound absorption, thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity will be measured. A procedure to optimise the combination of materials and their thickness for a specific destination will be developed and validated.


The candidate must be willing and adept at learning new concepts, skills, and tasks as they must operate in a challenging, interdisciplinary environment. To this extent, they must have a practical, problem-solving approach to complex challenges.

The candidate must be able to work both independently and in a team, be a good collaborator and must be able to write and communicate clearly.

A working theoretical and practical knowledge of the acoustic and thermal properties of materials is essential. The candidate could be also asked to print and characterize 3D models using additive manufacturing techniques.



  • A remuneration package in line with Marie Sklodowska Curie Doctoral Network regulations, which is competitive with industry standards in Europe.
  • The researcher allowances granted by Europe will cover all (employer’s and employee’s) taxes and contributions; the exact (net) salary will be confirmed upon appointment.
  • An opportunity to pursue a PhD in Science, in a stimulating and ambitious research environment, with 3 years of funding within the ACTAREBUILD ITN project.
  • A stay in a lively and young environment. The university is located in Brescia, a city of approximately 100000 inhabitants, located close to Milan (90 km), and 60 minutes by bus from Bergamo International Airport. This strategic positioning and the presence of industry, lead to a safe town with high quality of life, welcome to non-Italian speaking people and with ample opportunities for social and sports activities. Further information on the Marie Curie Projects at UniBS can be found on the website of the university:
  • This PhD will be performed in collaboration with CTU Prague (Czech Republic) and the candidate will be awarded by joint PhD degree between Brescia university and CTU Prague.

Eligibility criteria

If you recognize yourself in the story below, then you have the profile that fits the project and the research group.

  • I have a master‘s degree in physics or engineering.
  • I do not yet have a PhD
  • I am adept at learning new concepts, skills and tasks and have a problem-solving approach to complex challenges
  • I am proficient in written and spoken English, and write and communicate clearly in an interdisciplinary environment
  • During my courses or prior professional activities, I have gathered experience with acoustic and thermal testing, control, data acquisition, numerical simulations and mathematical modelling and I have a profound interest in these topics.
  • As a PhD researcher at the University of Brescia I am willing to perform research in a structured and scientifically sound manner. I read technical papers, understand the nuances between different theories and implement and improve methodologies myself.
  • I work goal-oriented and have a getting-things-done attitude, always with scientific rigour.
  • In frequent reporting, varying weekly to monthly, I show the results I have obtained and give a well-founded interpretation of those results. I iterate on my work and my approach based on the feedback of my supervisors steering the direction of my research.
  • I feel comfortable working as a team member and I am eager to share my results to inspire my colleagues and be inspired by them.
  • I value being part of a project that aims at finding sustainable solutions in the domain of building applications and I am eager to learn how academic research can be linked to industrial innovation roadmaps.
  • During my PhD I want to grow towards following up the project that I am involved in and representing the research group on project meetings or conferences. I see these events as an occasion to disseminate my work to an audience of international experts and research colleagues, and to learn about the larger context of my research and the research project.
  • During the past 3 years I have not resided, studied or worked in Italy for more than 12 months.

Selection process

For more information please contact Prof. Monika Rychtarikova at

You can apply for this job  via the online application tool or sending the relevant information to the project coordinator (

NB : previous deadline was 25/09/2022 and this date may still appear on some documents which have not been updated.

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