Ph.D./M.Sc. Design of an Electronic Earpiece With Increased Auditory Naturalness

Application deadline: Wed 01 Jun 2022

The goal of this project is to achieve auditory naturalness by mitigating occlusion and isolation effects for all day wearing of an electronic in-ear device (aka "hearable"). Currently, CRITIAS is working on a musician's earplug, a digital hearing protection device specifically designed to mitigate the occlusion (cancelling the musician's own "wind" instrument or voice) and isolation effects (uniform attenuation across frequencies and accounting for the change in hearing sensitivity caused by the attenuation) [1-2] and is now interested in exploring hybrid electromechanoacoustical approaches involving electrodynamic speaker membranes for the active control of the residual sound pressure in the occluded earcanal both for incoming (isolation effect) or outgoing (occlusion effect) sound waves.

More Information in this PDF file.