Ph.D./M.Sc. Design of an In-Ear Earpiece With Superior Comfort

Application deadline: Wed 01 Jun 2022

The goal of this project is to provide the wearer with a comfortable experience with their in-ear device, both from a physical (temperature and pressure) perspective, while ensuring superior noise isolation for total control of the user’s perceived audio world. Currently, acoustical and mechanical models of in-ear devices, integrating their coupling with the human earcanal have been developed at ÉTS and can provide clear guidelines for the mechanical properties of the earpiece material to be used, to maximize its insertion loss or minimize the occlusion effect [1-2]. Models of physical comfort and identification of its main attributes for in-ear devices are currently pursued at ÉTS, while the mapping of human earcanal tactile sensitivity is currently conducted at CRITIAS [3]. Proposed Research will explore the effect of earcanal moisture and temperature on the comfort of in-ear devices on a human subject.

More Information in this PDF file.