Post-doctoral position "Identification of objects in heterogeneous media" (LMA, Marseille, France)

Application deadline: Wed 15 Jun 2022

This project proposes to predict the response of a target immersed in a complex medium and then compare it to an in situ measurement in order to examine the identification problem. For this, we place ourselves in a formalism that decouples the influence of the mechanical properties of the object and that of its medium, while maintaining the exactness of the solution. In this approach, the mechanical properties of the target
object are first estimated. A holographic measurement methodology has been recently proposed to estimate
the mechanical properties of an object of any geometry and shape, and then to predict its bistatic acoustic response in any infinite homogeneous environment and for any insonication conditions.

The purpose of this post-doctoral fellowship will be :
1. to adapt the Bobrovnitskii formalism to heterogeneous and bounded media. This formalism, fundamental
in the method, is for the moment only available for homogeneous infinite media. This formalism is based on
the incident and diffracted fields, and will be adapted to heterogeneous finite environments ;

2. to couple modeling of the complex target with the existing models of propagation in heterogeneous and
random media. More precisely, it will be a question of using this model with the Greens functions specific to
heterogeneous media ;

3. to analyze the sensitivity of the bistatic response to environmental conditions. It will be a question of characterizing

the response of the target as a function of the statistics of the properties of the environment (averages,
power spectral densities, ...), and not for a particular realization.
The work of the post-doc will allow to direct the experimental protocol to validate the bistatic response obtained with reference models or measurements in controlled environment.

Additional informations:
Employer : Aix-Marseille University
Duration : 12 months starting between September 2022 and December 2022
Gross salary : 2450 euros/months to 2850 euros/months depending on qualification and experience
Location : Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics of Marseille UMR7031, Aix-Marseille University

Candidate profile:
Candidates must hold a Ph.D. in mechanics, acoustics or applied mathematics or related field.
Skills : Wave modeling in heterogeneous media or Structural acoustics, numerical modeling or Boundary/Finite
element methods
Knowledge of Matlab or Python required
Knowledge of Comsol Multiphysics would be also appreciated

Please send your application including a CV with a list of publications, a cover letter and the
names/contact information of 1-2 referees who can provide a detailed account of your accomplishments and abilities to :
Sandrine Rakotonarivo ( and RĂ©gis Cottereau (

More information in this PDF file.