Postdoctoral on Acoustic Response of Fluid Adsorption and Transport in Nanoporous Materials (Montpellier, France)

Application deadline: Sun 15 May 2022

Ecological transition and migratory crises lead to growing needs in compound separation (depollution, water treatment, CO2, CH4, H2 separation). Membrane processes based on nano-porous materials are relevant because they are economically viable and technologically mature. Their extension requires transposing their operation to extreme and/or constrained environments. In this quest, monitoring methods must be developed and acoustic methods offer enormous unexplored potential. In this context, the National Research Agency (ANR) supports our work and in particular one of our collaborative projects aimed at leading to a paradigm shift with breakthroughs in membrane science and beyond. The collaboration of experimenters and theoreticians should promote rapid progress towards a proof of concept relating to the methods of control and monitoring of membrane processes. In particular, the development of methods for online monitoring of materials and the treatment of fluids in their porosity is an objective of the project, a valuable step towards new instrumentation, and would constitute a breakthrough towards applications in separation or catalysis. This project is of a fundamental nature but could lead to a direct industrial transfer.

The post-doctoral fellow recruited for 12 months renewable within an ANR-funded collaborative project will aim to lead, in consultation with two main actors of the project, the Institute of Electronics and Systems - UMR5214 - and the European Institute of Membranes – UMR5635 –, experiments and associated treatments relating to the intraoperative control by Acoustic Emission of filtration membranes.

Practical aspects

Doctor in Acoustics, Instrumentation.


Please get in touch with both Emmanuel Le Clézio & Anne Julbe for more information:

Emmanuel Le Clézio
Institute of Electronics and Systems
University of Montpellier
IES- Acoustics – CC 05 003
860 rue Saint Priest
34095 Montpellier Cedex 05
Email :
Tel : +33 4 67 14 32 07

Anne Julbe
Director of Research
Institut Européen des Membranes
Université de Montpellier (CC 47)
Place Eugene Bataillon
34095 MONTPELLIER cedex 5- France
Email :
Tel : +33 4 67 14 91 42

Deadline For Application

May 15th, 2022

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.