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Acoustics News

Latest news

Winners of EURONOISE 2018 Grants for Young Researchers
EAA Board new-year message for 2018
EAA President Christmas message
Euronoise2018: applications to grants for young researchers extented to December 22, 2017
6 best paper & presentation awards to young researchers for Euronoise 2018
10 grants for young participants in Euronoise 2018
Issue 6 of Acoustics in Practice is out
Euronoise 2018 (May 27-31, Heraklion - Crete, Greece)
Results of the EAA best paper and presentation awards for Acoustics'17 Boston
Boston 2017 EAA Awards
Results of the INAD 2017 PAN-European competition have been announced
Results of the 2017 EAA Grants for Young Researchers.
Grants for Young Researchers attending Acoustics'17 Boston
Three travel grants for Young Acousticians to attend the congress TECNIACUSTICA 2017 sponsored by the Spanish Acoustical Society
Three travel grants for Young Acousticians to attend the TECNIACUSTICA 2017 Satellites Symposia sponsored by the International Commission for Acoustics -ICA-
EAA best paper and presentation awards for young researchers attending Acoustics'17 Boston
Sounds of my place (Pan-European competition for primary and secondary schools)
Passing away of William Warner Lang (1926 - 2016)
MOOC on Communication Acoustics
Passing away of Leo Beranek
New ICA board for 2016-2019
The book ' Foundations of Engineering Acoustics' by Frank Fahy
Letter in Support of the mobility of the Turkish Scientists
ISE and EuroScience offer to engage in dialogue with the EC on the H2020 interim evaluation
The Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) and EuroScience call for an inclusive and open dialogue with the European Commission on the Horizon 2020 Interim Evaluation while identifying five areas of opportunity and concern.
New board (2016-2019)
New EAA board for next 3 years elected
All European scientific articles to be freely accessible by 2020
The next General Assembly of the EAA will be in Porto, Portugal June 12, 10am - 6pm, room G129 (Civil Engineering Building)
INAD 2016 (International Noise Awareness Day) reference :
EAA condolences for the terrorist attacks in Brussels
On behalf of the European acousticians, we express our deepest condolences to the Belgium Acoustical Society (Association Belge des Acousticiens / Belgische Akoestische Vereniging (ABAV) ) and to the people of Belgium for the victims of the terrorist attacks held today March 22 2016, in Brussels. Once more we state emphatically that Europe is a continent dedicated to peace. The terrorist attacks against the people of Europe are against humanity. We won’t let fear to prevail in our activities. The EAA Board
Travel grants for students - EAA Summer School on Acoustics

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