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TC on Room and Building Acoustics (RBA)

The Technical Committee on Room and Building Acoustics (EAA TC-RBA) was established on 15 March 1999 in Berlin, at the occasion of the joint ASA and EAA conference (2nd Forum Acusticum). 25 experts from 9 EU countries (Belgium, Germany, England, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and The Netherlands) joined for discussion about creation of a TC-RBA.  This committee has been established as a horizontal forum within EAA for mutual information, discussion and preparation of activities in the respective field.  Michael Vorländer has been elected as a first chair of TC-RBA.  In the later years, Jens-Holger Rindel, Patrizio Fausti and Monika Rychtáriková have been chairs of the committee.

Main aims of the TC-RBA

One of the main aims of the TC-RBA is to provide all those working in the field of room and building acoustics with an information platform about new activities, research results, papers, books, congresses, projects, workshops etc.  Another major tasks are to stimulate joint activities and mutual worldwide co-operation between researchers and related Technical Committees, such as the
Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics (TCAA) of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), to initiate common projects in research, development, and education, and to help in organization of structured sessions in room and building Acoustics for congresses, especially for the Forum Acusticum, which takes place every three years.  The intention is also to organize, every year, a symposium or similar meeting, alternating between room acoustic topics and building acoustic topics.  In addition, closer contact with members of other scientific groups and members of the related working groups of the ISO and CEN organizations are encouraged.
All colleagues, who are working in the field of Room and Building Acoustics, are kindly invited to participate in these activities and to post contributions.

In order to facilitate the execution of the above-mentioned aims, Working Groups may be established to deal with special topics. At the present moment, there are six WG. Members that are interested in contributing to a WG are invited to contact the person in charge.

WG 1 – EN 12354 Building Acoustics Prediction Models (wg1)WG 2 – Opera House Acoustics (wg2)

WG 3 – Acoustics in Open-Plan Schools and Offices (wg3)

WG 4 – Sound Insulation Requirements and Sound Classification (wg4)

WG 5 – New Measurement Methods in Building Acoustics (wg5)

WG 6 – Recommended Room Acoustic Requirements (wg6)

WG 7 – Sports hall Acoustics

WG 8 – Development of robust acoustical building details

Activities of the TC-RBA

  • Meetings of the TC in connection with other meetings or conferences
  • Acting as an advisory committee for structured sessions within Room and Building Acoustics given to organizers of broader acoustical conferences
  • Reporting about activities to the EAA.
  • Organizing symposia on room and building acoustics.
  • Three series of Round Robin for the evaluation of room acoustic prediction models were arranged between 1994 and 2002. Detailed information is available, concerning both the results and the room input data, which means that these three room examples may also be used in the future for testing the prediction capabilities of new room acoustic software and/or the users of such software. (
  • An open database for loudspeakers (Common Loudspeaker Format) was established in April 2005. Thus loudspeaker performance and polar data from a wide range of loudspeaker producers are available in an open and secure format, useful in connection with room acoustic prediction models. (
  • As a result of collaboration within the WG4, very successful COST Action TU0901: “Integrating and Harmonizing Sound Insulation Aspects in Sustainable Urban Housing Constructions” has been chaired by Birgit Rasmussen and Maria Machimbarena in the years 2010-2013.


Meetings of the TC-RBA

15th March 1999 in Berlin, during 2nd FORUM ACUSTICUM; founding meeting.

6th September 2001 in Rome, during ICA 2001;

16th September 2002 in Sevilla, during FORUM ACUSTICUM 2002;

17th September 2004 in Guimarães, Portugal, during ACUSTICA 2004;

29th August 2005 in Budapest, during FORUM ACUSTICUM 2005;

5th September 2007 in Madrid, during ICA 2007;

1st July 2008 in Paris, during ACOUSTICS 2008, Joint meeting of the ASA TCAA and EAA TCRBA.

26th October 2009 in Edinburgh, during EURONOISE 2009

16th September 2010 in Ljubljana, during EUROREGIO 2010

28th June 2011 in Aalborg, during FORUM ACUSTICUM 2011

11th June 2012 in Prague, during  Euronoise 2012

18th March 2013 in Merano, during AIA-DAGA conference

Future meetings of the TC-RBA

Krakow, (Poland) during Forum Acusticum 7-12th September 2014. (exact place and date will be soon known)

Future activities of the TC-RBA

  • Establishment of a list of representatives for the various European National Acoustical Associations for the field of room and building acoustics in order to better disseminate the information and organize local activities.
  • Inviting new membership to join the TC-RBA.
  • Assisting the organizers of acoustical conferences for structured sessions within Room and Building Acoustics.
  • Reporting about activities to the EAA Board.
  • Promoting the organization of small symposia in several countries in Europe, together with the national acoustical society, on relevant topics. Priority should be given to those organized in the countries in which the activity is not so high and the promotion is welcome.
  • Promoting the organization of a Symposium on ancient theatres.
  • Promoting the organization of a Symposium or a European Conference in Building Acoustics.
  • Promoting the EU networking actions (such as COST actions) and EU projects.

One of the important issues during the last years became promotions of acoustics in general.

Chairman of TC-RBA

Monika Rychtáriková
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Laboratory of Acoustics and Thermal Physics
Celestijnenlaan  200 D, 3001  Leuven,  Belgium
Tel:    +32 16 32 7201
Fax:    +32 16 32 7984


Miomir Mijic (vice chairman)
School of Electrical Engineering
Acoustics Laboratory, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Tel: +381 113218361
Fax: +381 112348681