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Online resources for geometrical acoustics based room acoustics modeling

Links to resources related geometric acoustics modeling techniques


Open-source GA modeling tools

AcMus platform for room acoustics research [QIKG08]

Acoustic modelling of surface scattering from reflectors and diffusers (Matlab) [Cox15]

Edge diffraction Matlab toolbox [SvFV99]

EVERT beam-tracing library [LSLS09]

EVERTims beam-tracer (based on EVERT) [NKSS08]

Explauralisation - Ray-tracing and auralization

ImageSource model (Matlab) [LeJo08]

Pachyderm acoustical simulation

slab3d real-time image source and auralization tool [MiWe02]

Formats for 3D audio

AES69-2015 - standard for 3D audio

CLF - Common Loudspeaker Format

OpenDAFF - Open Directional Audio File Format

Impulse responses

Open Acoustic Impulse Response Library - open database of measured room impulse responses



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