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eFA2020 - Social Event

Some info about the YAN/UKAN/FrYAN social events at eForum Acusticum 2020
For this special edition of the Forum Acusticum, the YAN, UKAN and Fr-YAN are proposing you two special social events for young and early-career attendees ! These events will take place on the app, available from your web browser (optimised for Chrome, functional on Firefox). All the info is also available online at

Early Career Event, Wednesday 12/9, 17h30-19h30 (UTC+01:00)

Stroll through many tables with your avatar and receive advice from mentors to build your career in acoustics, both in the industrial and academic sectors. If you are hiring, share your job opportunities!
The number of spots is limited, register to join:
This event will take place at the following address:


E-beer in an e-bar, Thursday 12/10, 17h00-01h00 (UTC+01:00)

Join us to chat and enjoy some games and music in a virtual bar!!
The number of spots is not limited but for technical reasons we would like to know how many people will join,
Join us at the bar at the following address:
We look forward to seeing you soon!