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Acoustics in Practice

European journal of current topics in applied acoustics

Acoustics in Practice

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Issue 1 : July 2013 Issue 1: July 2013
Issue 2: October 2013 Issue 2: October 2013
Issue 3: January 2014

Issue 3: January 2014

Issue 4: December 2014 Issue 4: December 2014
Issue 5: October 2015 Issue 5: October 2015

Goal of the journal: The journal audience is those practicing in the fields of acoustics, noise and vibration. Readers and contributors are expected to be practitioners: these include consultants, manufacturers, policy makers and regulators. The papers will not be peer reviewed, but will be reviewed by an editor.


Instructions to authors

Format: E-journal (i.e. online, with links to a pdf files, the pdf files can be downloaded and printed), quarterly.

Language: English will be the official language of the journal
Access: Open access, but contributions limited to EAA society members. This would give a platform to our members and give them the widest possible audience.

Content: The journal will cover the practical aspects of all areas of acoustics. Initially the topics shown below will be included but further topics will be added as content becomes available or if interest grows in a particular aspect of acoustics. It is intended that the journal will provide a Europe wide platform for authors to disseminate their work. The wide access should make it a journal of first choice for many authors who may currently only present papers at local meetings. Work that has been previously published in national journals or meetings would be acceptable as much of this work would not be accessed outside of the authors’ national readership.

The following list gives the topics to be covered:

  • Environmental Noise
    • Policy and Standards
    • Road Traffic
    • Railways
    • Aircraft
    • Power (Renewables and Conventional)
    • Leisure (Sport and Music)
    • Construction Noise and Vibration
    • Sound propagation
    • Noise control including barriers
  • Building and Architectural acoustics
    • Standards
    • Education building
    • Auditoria and performance spaces
    • Commercial
    • Residential
    • Sports facilities
    • Building services
  • Industrial Noise and Vibration
    • Noise control
    • Vibration control
    • Active control of noise and vibration
  • Underwater Noise
  • Soundscapes
  • Musical Acoustics
  • Medical Acoustics