Forum Laboris


The Covid19 pandemic has been a tough experience for all of us. It has changed our communication habits and traditional contact building, socialising and networking.

In particular, Young Students have suffered a lot from the lock-down and from switching from real to virtual conferences. Some have spent a semester with their computer as “only companion”!

They have been isolated during an important phase of their life where they usually are supposed to build up solid personal networks, meet companies and labs to prepare their future career.

Considering this alarming situation, the Board of the EAA has decided to set up a new product, “Forum Laboris”, the Job fair of the European Acoustics Association.

The YAN (Young Acousticians Network of the EAA), has kindly accepted taking in charge the organisation of this forum with the support of the EAA Board and of the National Societies.

We hope that this initiative will help our young colleagues in building up the future of their careers. Moreover that this initiative will partly replace direct contact through organising multiple informal meetings for communication.

Prof. Manell Zakharia
President of the European Acoustics Association.


Forum Laboris will take place in the first half of 2022 (September 2021's edition is postponed).

The morning sessions (09:00-12:00) will be devoted to the presentation of potential employers: Companies, Research Labs, Training Institutions, Academics. Each registered institution will have 15 minutes of pre-recorded presentation followed by 10 minutes of live questions.

The afternoon session (14:00-17:00) is devoted to open discussions between job seekers and job proposers. Each proposing Institution will be given a “virtual booth” for meeting seekers either individually or in group. The first hour (public) is devoted to informal discussions between representative of employers and group of students, a group continuation of the question sessions. The following 2 hours (non-public) will be devoted to one-to-one meetings (upon reservation).

Morning presentations as well as public group meetings with students (and not one-to one non-public meetings) will be recorded and will be made available to all participants for a period of 1 month.

Important dates

Deadline for Registration, providing CVs, Presentations, documents and recording : to be announced soon

Forum: to be announced soon (September 2021's edition is postponed).


Proceedings will consist into 2 parts:

  • For students, a resume of a maximum of 2 pages (pdf).
  • For employers: a general presentation of 2 pages + 1 extra page for each open position or training opportunities (pdf), if any.

The proceedings will be available to all participants.


It is highly recommended to provide CVs, presentations and even video recordings upon registration.

Nevertheless, all documents can be provided later on.

Registration fees (before registration deadline to be announce soon; 15 euros will be added to these fees after the registration deadline) :

Employers (job providers)
Companies, Research, Training & Academic Institutions 100 €
Students (job seekers)

Student Member of an EAA National Society (student proof and membership number are required)

10 €

Student Non-Member of an EAA National Society (student proof is required)

30 €

Non student

50 €

The registration link is


For additional information or inquiries, please contact: