The goal of the Mentoring action is to establish long term links between young acousticians and experienced seniors in order to consolidate the coherence of the EAA and establish bridges between the generation: Seniors-Juniors bridges.

(Currently, there is no Senior available.)

Duties of seniors

  • Discuss with juniors about the profession
  • Give human and career advices (no liability)
  • Give technical advices if requested
  • Promote EAA products
  • Participate to Seniors-Juniors Meeting organised during EAA conferences (when participating to the conference).
  • One senior will usually monitor a couple of juniors or more depending on his/her availability
  • Mentoring is preferably trans-national
  • This is volunteering activity


  • The Senior applies by sending an email to providing the following information
    • Name
    • Email
    • Specialty
    • Short CV (5-10 lines)
  • A specific email address is given to the mentor (to avoid spamming)
  • The list of volunteer seniors is posted on the website
  • First contact: junior acousticians ask for contact through EAA mail address providing the same information
  • Once the contact established, they communicate directly
  • Once a senior has enough contacts, the link to his EAA email will be disactivated

At every EAA event, there will be a reception devoted to direct contact between senior and junior Members.