Proposed Activities

- Gather the different information, activities, and ideas on the TC communication platform

- Support organization of educational session during conferences

- Collaboration with other TCs

- Collaboration with Journals

- Collaboration with YAN to expand Social Media

- EAA website update

- Students’ online competition


TC on Education Structure

Chair : Karolina Jaruszewska

Vice-Chair : Malte Kob

Secretary :

Council (action leaders) :

Members : The TC currently counts 19 active members

Technical Committee duties related to the Internal Regulations

- A TC Chair is elected for a period of 3 years at a time. A re-appointment is allowed once an

exceptionally twice.

- As required, TC initiates studies, organized sessions for the respective conferences, and prepared

reports. In order to share information, an email address list should be built based upon the voluntary

registration of the members of EAA societies.

- If a TC is inactive for more than three years, the Board may decide to dissolve it.