The Technical Committee on Ultrasound (TC-ULT) was created to provide its members with an information platform about new activities, conferences, projects, workshops, etc, with ultrasound being the main object of study. A major task of the TC will be to stimulate joint activities and mutual cooperation between researchers worldwide to initiate common projects in research, development and education as well as to help in organizing structured sessions in conferences, about different aspects of Ultrasound. The web page of the EAA will serve as a site for exchanging such information and for establishing contacts. The TC started their activities on 2002, at the occasion of the Forum Acusticum 2002 in Seville. Currently, after the new regulations for the TCs of the EAA, the basic structure of the TCs is formed by a chairman, a council of five elected TC members, and an unlimited number of TC members. The only requirement to become a member is to have any interest of ultrasound. If this is your case, you are invited to join to it.

Goal and Activities of TC-ULT

As a general goal, the TC will work for promoting activities related to the advance of research and education on ultrasound in Europe. Some particular tasks of the TC will be:

  • To maintain the website active, by announcing events related to the TC interests. The website will be also a platform to announce PhD and job offers, submitted by TC members.
  • To organize special sessions in EAA conferences and other meetings where ultrasound is the main subject.
  • To propose and organize joint educational actions, as workshops and summer schools.
  • To create the maps of ultrasound research and education in Europe. These maps will contain information about groups being active in some of the areas related to ultrasound in Europe, and on the educational programs in ultrasound (master and doctorate levels) developed currently in Europe. This information will be published online at the TC website.

Membership of the TC-ULT

Being part of the TC-ULT has different benefits for its members. The first is accesing and sharing information that may be of interest for our community. The TC will contact with its members when relevant news are to be shared. It will be also benefitial to young researchers and graduate students, possibly on an exchange program, where information exchange is of importance. Updated information of studies, fellowships, work offers, etc will be accesible for students.

To apply for a membership, write a message to the contact persons below.


For questions, or to apply for membership:

  • Nico Declercq (nico.declercq@me.gatech.edu)