Acoustic Materials

This Technical Committee (TC) arises from several national, European and international associations and networks. This multiple emergence proves the willingness of researchers and engineers to share their knowledge and to open up to other communities. This is also strengthened by the rapid growing of metametarial applications in every domain of acoustics. They have revolutionized the field of acoustic materials and may replace usual ones in many specific practical cases. This TC is also timely relevant and aims at bringing together different communities working on acoustic materials. The TC goals are described hereafter.

Research Coordination

  • Overcoming fragmentation of research: Establish cross disciplinary links between Acousticians, Engineers and Physicists through the organization of regular Training Schools, Workshops, and special sessions (notably at EAA congress) providing the researchers with a common and complementary background in relevant areas.
  • Avoiding duplication of research activities through regular meetings that will allow each team to be aware of the others' work.
  • Encouraging the emergence of new collaborative projects and long term collaboration: establishing new interdisciplinary links will inevitably lead to collaborative research projects and joint papers and conference presentations.

Capacity building

  • Strengthening links with industries through active involvement of industrial partners, including SMB&E: creation of an Industrial Advisory Board, Workshops and conference sessions targeting the industry. This will boost development and exploitation of acoustic materials for various applications.
  • Acting as a stakeholder platform by bringing together the best researchers in the fields, aiming to structure the acoustic materials and structures for sound manipulation community, and therefore strengthening the European Research Area.
  • Defining future challenges in the combined fields and create a white paper for future path forward with recommendations towards industrial application. The TC will aim to standardize measurement and characterization procedures for novel acoustic materials and structures.
  • Disseminating towards the public, policy makers, architects and designers about the capabilities of modern acoustic material and structures through web portals, articles in newspapers and journals for broad audience and regular participation in local science festivals.
  • Providing a training environment, through the organization of Training Schools and Workshops, and Symposiums for:
    • young scientists and engineers with a broad knowledge in the field and good research links within participating communities and industry
    • practitioners aware of the new approaches to design of acoustic materials and their capabilities.
    • Encouraging women involvement in the field of noise reducing materials and structures by establishing a network of female students, Early Career Investigators and well-known scientists/engineers/consultants.