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The EAA supports the ICA statement on Ukraine crisis:


EAA is offering sustaining memberships

There are 3 supporting memberships :

Silver: 1 500 € / year

- Logo displayed in Fenestra Acustica with a link to the Company website

- Job announcements inserted in Fenestra Acustica

Gold:3 000 € / year, Same as Silver + in addition

- Logo displayed in EAA publications and in EAA Conferences

- 5% discount on advertisement in EAA journals and exhibition in EAA conferences

Platinum: 6 000 € and more / year, Same as gold +, in addition

- Physical presence during specific actions like specific workshops, prizes, travel

Read more for additional details and to apply.


Acta Acustica

Acta Acustica (formely "Acta Acustica" then "Acta Acustica united with Acustica") is an open access journal which reports on original scientific research in all subjects in the field of acoustics and on engineering applications. The journal includes scientific papers, technical and applied papers, book reviews, short communications, doctoral thesis abstracts, etc. In irregular intervals special issues and review articles are published.

Since September 2019, Acta Acustica has changed its publisher and is now available at https://acta-acustica.edpsciences.org.

To request email alert on new publications of "Acta Acustica", please follow this link.

The tables of content of the archive of Acta Acustica (united with Acustica) since 1951 to 2019 are available here.


Acoustics in Practice

The journal audience is those practicing in the fields of acoustics, noise and vibration. Readers and contributors are expected to be practitioners: these include consultants, manufacturers, policy makers and regulators.

Link to AiP webpage with all table of contents and articles freely available for download.
(Last issue : October 2017).

In order to enhance its visibility and increase its regularity, we are adopting a big change: publishing the papers individually.

EAA Event Endorsement

The European Acoustics Association (EAA) endorses events that meet its rigorous standards in the field of acoustics. This recognition is extended to National Conferences and thematic gatherings focusing on acoustics, adding value and credibility to these initiatives.

Organizers seeking EAA endorsement should submit an application to the EAA Board, ensuring it reaches us at least six (6) months before the scheduled event date. The application should provide comprehensive details, including the venue, scope, expected number of participants, and a clear articulation of the European added value. If the event is not organized by a National Society, approval from the corresponding Society where the event will be hosted is mandatory.

Following the submission, the EAA Board commits to providing a decision within 30 days. Successful endorsements will be featured in the EAA Newsletter, on the official EAA website, and periodically on the EAA Social Media channels. It's important to note that endorsed events while enjoying heightened visibility, do not entail administrative support from the EAA.

This initiative underscores the EAA's commitment to fostering excellence in the realm of acoustics and providing a distinguished platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration. To explore the endorsement process and submit your event for consideration, please access the application form here.

EAA Book Reviews

In our commitment to promote outstanding contributions to the field of acoustics, the European Acoustics Association (EAA) encourages authors seeking insightful reviews of their acoustic literature to connect with us through our dedicated email: eaa@euracoustics.org.

To request a book review, authors can simply send an email expressing their interest and providing necessary details about their publication. The EAA will then diligently match the book with a qualified reviewer, ensuring a comprehensive and constructive analysis.

Once the review process is complete, both the book and its review will be featured on the EAA webpage news section. Additionally, we will share this announcement across our official social media channels, amplifying the visibility of your work within the global acoustics community.

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