2nd International Workshop on Networked Immersive Audio (Erlangen, Germany)

Networked Immersive Audio is an emerging topic in sound-based communications. To date, scarce research has been conducted on how to integrate networking systems with immersive audio rendering techniques able to enrich the listeners’ perception of sharing the same acoustic environment and to provide the localization information of the remote users or other real or virtual acoustic sources. 

The aim of the workshop is to bring together academics and industry to investigate and advance the development of systems at the confluence of spatial audio and networking, as well as the understanding of human perception in immersive, networked contexts.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Frameworks for Networked Immersive Audio
  • Spatial audio systems for networked interactions
  • 3D audio perception in networked settings
  • Spatial audio for Web Audio
  • Embedded spatial audio systems
  • Experimental results of prototype/testbed for Networked Immersive Audio
  • Datasets
  • Perception in Networked Immersive Audio applications
  • URLLC communications
  • 5G/6G architectures leveraging slicing and Multi-access Edge Computing
  • Standardization activities for Networked Immersive Audio
  • Packet loss concealment methods
  • Network traffic predictions
  • Optimization in the placement of Virtual Network Functions
  • Security and privacy in Networked Immersive Audio

This workshop is part of the 5th International Symposium on the Internet of Sounds (IS2 2024) (https://internetofsounds.net/is2_2024/)




Key Dates

  • Abstract Submission Deadline : Jul 10, 2024
  • Registration Deadline : Sep 25, 2024
  • Event date : Oct 2, 2024