EAA Awards 2023 - Prof. Dr. Michael Taroudakis Recognized for Contributions to the Promotion of Acoustics in Europe

Mon 09 Oct 2023

The European Acoustics Association (EAA) is pleased to celebrate the remarkable contributions of Prof. Dr. Michael Taroudakis to the world of acoustics. As a professor at the University of Crete and an expert in underwater acoustics and its related areas, Prof. Taroudakis has left an indelible mark on the field through his extensive involvement in various acoustical organizations and initiatives.

Prof. Taroudakis has held prestigious positions such as the president of the Acoustical Society of Greece (HELINA), President of the European Acoustics Association, and President of ICA, the International Commission for Acoustics. His active participation and leadership in these organizations have significantly promoted the field of acoustics on a global scale.

One of Prof. Taroudakis' most recent achievements was his instrumental role in the International Year of Sound (IYS), conducted under the auspices of UNESCO and coordinated by Prof. Taroudakis on behalf of ICA. The IYS aimed to raise awareness about the benefits of sound and the consequences of noise, with a special focus on educating younger generations. This initiative garnered significant international support and visibility, making it a resounding success.

Additionally, Prof. Taroudakis has played a vital role in international congresses, organizing structured sessions and coordinating their development. His leadership was exemplified in his role as the organizer of Euronoise 2008 in Greece.

The European Acoustics Association is honoured to acknowledge Prof. Dr. Michael Taroudakis with the 2023 EAA Award for Contributions to the Promotion of Acoustics in Europe, celebrating his exceptional efforts in advancing the field of acoustics worldwide.

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