Indexation of all proceedings of Symposiums "The Acoustics of Ancient Theatres” (2011 & 2022) at thanks to AIA (Italy), in agreement with HEL.IN.A. (Greece) and EAA.

Tue 16 May 2023

AIA (Italy), in agrement with HEL.IN.A. (Greece) provides indexation for all papers presented at the Symposiums "“The Acoustics of Ancient Theatres” in 2011 & 2022 by buying "doi" numbers for all papers, and by providing a dedicated website:

The website can also be used for future editions of this EAA Symposium that AIA, together with the TC-RBA of the EAA and other national acoustic associations, would like to propose at regular intervals. AIA will obviously take care of the quality of the presentation and graphics of the website and will pay for all corresponding expenses.