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EAA Euroregio / BNAM 2022 (May 9-11, 2022 - Aalborg, DK)

The abstract submission deadline is extended to 20 Jan. 2022.

The call for paper is also available.

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Forum Laboris (EAA's online Job Fair) : 16 to 19 May 2022

As a reminder, the goal of Forum Laboris is to bring together Employers (job providers) looking to hire early-career acousticians, and early-career acousticians (job seekers) looking for a job, internship, or master/bachelor thesis. Interested Employers and job seekers are invited to register.

Early bird registration deadline: 04 April 2022

Registration deadline: 29 April 2022

More information, is available on the Forum Laboris webpage :

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Vocabulary to speak about touch: analysis of the discourse of electric guitar players

Paul Cambourian, Arthur Paté, Caroline Cance, Benoît Navarret and Jérôme Vasseur

Influence of road traffic noise peaks on reading task performance and disturbance in a laboratory context

Catherine Lavandier, Mehdi Regragui, Romain Dedieu, Carine Royer and Arnaud Can

Auditory model-based estimation of the effect of head-worn devices on frontal horizontal localisation

Pedro Lladó, Petteri Hyvärinen and Ville Pulkki

Cross-site investigation on head-related and headphone transfer functions: variabilities in relation to loudness balancing

Michael Kohnen, Florian Denk, Josep Llorca-Bofi, Birger Kollmeier and Michael Vorländer

Decision making in auditory externalization perception: model predictions for static conditions

Robert Baumgartner and Piotr Majdak

Tone detection thresholds in interaurally delayed noise of different bandwidths

Mathias Dietz, Jörg Encke, Kristin I Bracklo and Stephan D Ewert

Minimal blowing pressure allowing periodic oscillations in a model of bass brass instruments

Rémi Mattéoli, Joël Gilbert, Christophe Vergez, Jean-Pierre Dalmont, Sylvain Maugeais, Soizic Terrien and Frédéric Ablitzer

Do near-field cues enhance the plausibility of non-individual binaural rendering in a dynamic multimodal virtual acoustic scene?

Johannes M. Arend, Melissa Ramírez, Heinrich R. Liesefeld and Christoph Pӧrschmann

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