Nuntius March/April 2022

Call for assistant product managers at EAA

The EAA has opened up several Assistant Product Manager positions, an exciting opportunity to gain experience and broaden your network in the field of acoustics.

As an Assistant Product Manager you will be working to bring one of the EAA’s services to the European acoustic community (more details in this PDF file). This can include not only helping in running the product, but also developing a vision for the future of the product, which means that the sky is the limit!

The products in need of an Assistant Product Manager are:
- Acoustics in Practice: Publication on applied acoustic topics
- Nuntius: Bi-monthly newsletter addressed to National Societies
- Schola: The online study guide of acoustics in Europe
- Documenta: Archive of electronic materials in the field of Acoustics
- Mentoring: Links between young and senior acousticians

EAA Euroregio / BNAM 2022 (May 9-11, 2022 - Aalborg, DK)

More information at

Forum Laboris (EAA's online Job Fair) : 16 to 19 May 2022

As a reminder, the goal of Forum Laboris is to bring together Employers (job providers) looking to hire early-career acousticians, and early-career acousticians (job seekers) looking for a job, internship, or master/bachelor thesis. Interested Employers and job seekers are invited to register.

Early bird registration deadline: 04 April 2022

Registration deadline: 29 April 2022

More information, is available on the Forum Laboris webpage :

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Acta Acustica latest publications :

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Corrigendum to: Influence of road traffic noise peaks on reading task performance and disturbance in a laboratory context

Catherine Lavandier, Mehdi Regragui, Romain Dedieu, Carine Royer and Arnaud Can

Characteristics and mechanism of coupling effects in parallel-cladded acoustic waveguides

Guanjun Yin, Pan Li, Xuebing Yang, Ye Tian, Jing Han, Wei Ren and Jianzhong Guo

Corona discharge actuator as an active sound absorber under normal and oblique incidence

Stanislav Sergeev, Thomas Humbert, Hervé Lissek and Yves Aurégan

Effect of slit length on linear and non-linear acoustic transfer impedance of a micro-slit plate

Alessia Aulitto, Avraham Hirschberg, Ines Lopez Arteaga and Esmée L.R.H. Buijssen

Assessing HRTF preprocessing methods for Ambisonics rendering through perceptual models

Isaac Engel, Dan F. M. Goodman and Lorenzo Picinali

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