EAA TC-RBA WG 1 Working Group on Acoustics in Open-Plan Schools and Offices

This working group formed within TC-RBA proposes to share experience and promote research in the areas of:

  • Measurement and prediction of room acoustic conditions
  • Acoustic design and solutions
  • Effects of noise on humans

The main activity is to arrange structured sessions in congresses. Such sessions have been e.g., in ICA 2007 Madrid, Acoustics2008 Paris, Forum Acusticum 2001 Aalborg, Euronoise 2012 Prague, Euronoise 2018 Crete, ICA 2019 Aachen, and Euronoise 2021. The sessions have grown with time and the popularity of the topic is large due to its interdisciplinary nature.

The next opportunity for seeing each other is Forum Acusticum 2023 in Torino.

If you are interested to study this field, the following open access source is recommended:
Proceedings of ICA 2019 at http://pub.dega-akustik.de/ICA2019/data/index.html. Browse by session title, Choose 20 H - Open plan offices.

For further information and participation contact:

Valtteri Hongisto

Turku University of Applied Sciences, Turku, Finland