EAA TC-RBA WG 2 Sound Insulation Requirements and Sound Classification - Harmonization of descriptors

See also the COST action http://www.costtu0901.eu/

This working group formed within TC-RBA proposes to share experience and promote research in the areas of: 

  • Airborne and impact sound insulation - legal requirements
  • Determination of sound insulation of facades & components based on environmental noise mapping (road traffic, railways, aircrafts) using harmonized environmental noise descriptors
  • The use of spectrum adaptation terms according to ISO 717, and in particular to use of extended frequency range down to 50 Hz
  • The relation between sound insulation of dwellings and annoyance due to noise from neighbours or traffic
  • Sound classification of buildings and the influence on building practice

A major task of the working group will be to try to find consensus on one single concept for airborne sound insulation and one single concept for impact sound to be used in the future. Today there are a large variety of different concepts being used in Europe. This EAA TC-RBA working group might play an important role by recommending specific concepts. 

In the future there should be a harmonisation of concepts for 
legal sound insulation requirements and sound classification schemes

The working group can work electronically and arrange specific meetings or workshops. The organisation of structured sessions in future conferences will also be considered. 

For further information and participation contact:
Birgit Rasmussen bir@sbi.aau.dk