EAA TC-RBA WG 3 New Measurement Methods in Building Acoustics

This working group formed within TC-RBA proposes to share experience and promote research in the areas of:

  • Measurement of airborne sound insulation using MLS, Sine sweep, sound intensity etc.
  • Problems related to measurement of sound insulation in the low frequency range 50-100 Hz.

Several new methods have been introduced for measurement of airborne sound insulation. ISO/DIS 18233 describes the use of MLS, sine sweep etc. ISO 15186 describes the use of intensity for sound insulation measurements.

The working group can work electronically and find place for meeting in specific workshops. The organization of structured sessions in future conferences will also be considered.

For further information and participation contact: 
Patrizio Fausti (patrizio.fausti@unife.it)